The PANSY PROJECT is a powerful initiative by artist Paul Harfleet, started in the UK, to draw attention to homophobic attacks. A pansy is planted where an anti-gay attack occurred, physical or by insult, and then photographed by Harfleet, with the location documented on his website.


The Project has grown to marking sites of homophobic violence across the world. Paul is currently also painting pansies. His work has been featured and discussed at a number of festivals and schools. Pansies have been planted also at embassies of countries espousing homophobic terror. This act of healing beauty has sprouted conversations ~ an opportunity to talk not only about homophobia in society, its history, reasons and effect ~ but about prejudice, values, gender and bullying.


When you buy this poster, 20% of proceeds go to the Pansy Project organization in the UK.


The two interpretations of this flower project are by artist Daria Turkina - a Russian illustrator settled in Germany.


"I'm a self-taught artist from Russia. I draw inspiration from people and their stories and believe that beauty cannot be limited to standards. When I found out about the Pansy Project, I couldn’t help but make a small contribution to the movement. All the sadness and pain that I feel towards the subject resulted in the illustration that you can see; it is as simple and delicate as a fragile pansy reminding us to be kinder and more understanding towards those who are different from us."


Available sizes: 16x20in (40.6x50.8cm) or 18x24in (45.7x61cm)

Pansy Project ~ Light Green

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