A striking Hibiscus flower actually named the Freedom Rose of Sharon was one of the symbols used in the Underground Railroad to indicate a 'safe house' for those along the treacherous journey of homes, churches and communities helping to bring Southern slaves to Northern safety and freedom in the mid-19th century United States.


A number of museums document the Underground Railroad including the Washington Waterfront Underground Railroad Museum in North Carolina, USA. The flower is still a popular plant grown throughout the US today.


20% of proceeds of this flower poster go to the African American Cultural Heritage Action Fund working to successfully preserve significant African American history.


The two drawings of this symbolic flower are by German illustrator Dominik Schwäger.


"I'm an illustrator and comic artist from a small German town nobody has ever heard of, now living and working in Berlin. My two big passions are telling stories through my art and pizza. I usually look at flowers as a cheezy cliché, so I was very glad to have worked on this project as it taught me again to look behind the surface of everyday things for where there might be a strong and important story to be told."


Available sizes: 16x20in (40.6x50.8cm) or 18x24in (45.7x61cm)

Freedom of Rose Sharon (Version Two)

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