Who Am I?

I'm Federico Hewson and started this online shop at the end of 2020. I'm also working on an illustrated book of flowers used as symbols and instruments of engagement by activists and movements around the world in history and today.


As a community artist interested in peace ~ and after a career in theater and performance art ~ I started a Valentine Peace Project (VPP) in the early 2000s. The project collected flowers (local and/or Fairtrade) combining them with poems on peace, submitted to the project internationally, to share in public. Not that I was against the romantic message of February 14 ;) The Project was an opportunity to reflect on all faces of love; meanings of peace and conflict, and to recognize and creatively illuminate global connectivity. Many forget many flowers are imported - often out of poor labor conditions.

By generating a greater vision to Valentine's I aimed as an artist to underline global community; support local and Fairtrade flowers; exchange words from hand to hand across countries (including from flower grower to recipient), and generate a conversation in schools and communities. Through the VPP I discovered greater meanings and historical uses and potential in horticulture. I started to sell bulbs of peace tulips around the International Day of Peace - September 21. You can learn more about the Valentine Peace Project (VPP) here and check out some of my other endeavors here.


After a recent Masters in Art Education at New York University with an emphasis in socially engaged art/art activism I am glad to launch now this unique flower poster store, which gives to charities and I hope also contributes wider knowledge and appreciation of flowers and how they can connect us to our greater humanity.