Colorful Flowers

The Activism of Flowers 

Hi, I'm Federico Hewson and welcome you to my online poster shop. I work with a fantastic team of international illustrators on striking images of a unique flower symbol standing for or working towards a vision whether that's freedom, healing or resistance. 


I was an art activist for many years leading a unique take on Valentine's Day working with the international flower industry, poets and schools for a more compassionate and connected global community. I myself am rather global living in Berlin after Amsterdam, London and New York from an Italian mother and British father. I originally come from San Francisco ~ the city of love, peace and microchips. I've loved flowers and combined that with my passion for historical as well as current activist movements.


Each art poster donates 20% to the vision aligned with that flower symbol. (In the case of the Sophie Scholl - 25% in honor of the centennial of her birth).


Explore the stories that have helped shape the world we live in. Posters can be purchased digitally or received in the post internationally with my partner Printful, who stock in warehouses all over the world.

Colorful Flowers

Flower Power ~ Power Flower